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North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital

Discharges from Procedures

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After your pet’s procedure, our doctors at North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital will call to update you on your pet’s condition and review the surgery with you. The doctor and/or the technician will meet with you to review your pet’s post-procedure care at the time of discharge.

Upon discharging your pet you will receive Discharge Instructions which will outline the diagnosis and procedure performed, feeding instructions, medication administration, physical limitation if required, and when your pet will need to be rechecked if required. If a recheck examination is required the Patient Care Coordinator can schedule that for you prior to leaving the hospital.

Your pet's care is very important to us and we want to make sure that we have properly reviewed your pet’s post-procedure care and answered all your questions. But just in case you thought of something after you get home, do not worry. Our doctors make a follow-up call on the evening of the procedure to check and see how both the patient and client are doing. You might think this is going above and beyond, but to us, it’s just part of the quality care we enjoy providing.