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North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital

FAQ - Pharmacy

How long will I need to wait for my pet’s prescription to be filled and how will I know when it is ready for pickup?

Medication orders can take up to 24 hours depending upon the availability of authorized refills, the need to contact your veterinarian, the volume of medication orders ahead of your request and the availability of the medication prescribed. Special orders for medications not included in the routine stock of the hospital and medications that must be compounded or formulated specifically for your pet will take longer to complete. A pharmacy technician will always call you at the phone number indicated in your medication order, or indicated in our records, to inform you that our medication order is complete or ready for pickup. Medications can also be mailed or shipped to you for a fee.

How do I refill my pet’s prescription?

If your veterinarian has authorized refills for your pet’s prescription you may call the pharmacy at (704) 237-8851 and request that it be filled again. If your veterinarian has not authorized refills for the medication, you may request that we contact the veterinarian for you. Your veterinarian will need to review the medication needs of your pet and authorize the number of refills they feel are necessary for your pet’s continued care. Refills that have been authorized by your veterinarian must be filled within 12 months of the original filling or last visit.

How do I pay for my pet’s medication?

Payment for medications is required at the time the medication is received. If you have questions about the pharmacy charges you may contact the Pharmacy Technician at (704) 237-8851. As with any product, the cost to obtain medication is constantly changing and, consequently, medication prices are subject to change without notice. We will make every effort to inform you of price changes, as they occur.

Can I fill my pet’s prescriptions at my local pharmacy?

If the medication is a human labeled drug it can be filled at your local pharmacy. Some medications approved only for use in animals (veterinary-labeled) and medications that require reformulation (compounding) into a specialized form may not be available from your local pharmacy. Your veterinarian will be able to help you understand your options for filling your pet’s prescriptions. If you prefer to use an outside pharmacy rather than having your prescription filled here at the hospital, please request a written prescription from your veterinarian. For prescriptions that have been filled at NMAH initially, please verify that this medication is available at your local pharmacy before requesting that refills be transferred.

Can I fill my pet’s prescription at an online pharmacy?

Yes, prescriptions approved for refill may be purchased from an online pharmacy. It should be noted that the doctors and staff of North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital are committed to the health and safety of your pet. Many veterinary drug manufacturers tell us that they will not warrant the safety, purity, or efficacy of medications when marketed through sources outside of a veterinary office. Some medication warranties may only be valid when the medication is purchased through a veterinary office. Our hospital cannot take responsibility for the safety of drugs purchased through an online pharmacy.

Can I get a refund on prescriptions my pet did not take?

North Carolina State Health Code forbids the resale of any prescription medication that has been dispensed from the hospital. Federal law also stipulates that any medications that leave the pharmacy may not be returned for reuse due to potential safety concerns that include, tampering, incorrect storage and contamination. In addition, NMAH must dispose of medications that are unfit for use by means of secure, environmentally-sound disposal methods that are of significant cost to the hospital. The disposal of large volumes of returned drugs will increase hospital costs overall. NMAH will not accept medications for return and refund.

How can I avoid running out of medications for my pet?

Always check your supply before weekends, holidays and vacations. Please plan ahead for these times. If requesting a refill a doctor must authorize additional refills. The Pharmacy Technician will need to obtain this authorization, and it may take additional time to complete your refill request. Please do not wait until you are out of medication.

Can prescriptions be mailed?

We offer mail service for your pet’s prescriptions for a small fee. To assure appropriate storage conditions and safe delivery, medications that require refrigeration cannot be shipped. Fees are subject to change without notice. Please check with the pharmacy staff when requesting that medication be mailed to you.

Do you mail prescriptions out of state?

We cannot legally mail your prescriptions out of state. It is best to find a local veterinarian and work with them to obtain the medication your pet needs if you have moved out of state. If you are planning a trip, for most medications, you may request a larger supply from us prior to your trip. Laws vary by state, so your veterinarian may be able to call a script into a local veterinarian.

Who do I contact if I believe there has been an error with my pet’s medication?

If your medication appears different or has changed in any way, it is always best to double check that the medication has been filled correctly. Typically, the change is due to a change in the manufacturer. We work hard to assure that the medication errors do not occur, however, occasionally errors may happen. It is very important that you notify us immediately. If you suspect a problem or wish to verify your prescription with us, please call the Pharmacy at (704) 237-8851 and ask to speak with the Pharmacy Technician to confirm that you have the correct medication.